We founded Sunshine in 2012 with a simple belief: brands that deliver cultural impact
deliver greater commercial value.

We help brands find their purpose, place and voice in their audiences' lives through popular culture.

We have created a new type of agency to achieve this.

Our multidisciplinary team offers brands world-class expertise in commercial, strategic, creative,
production and distribution solutions.

In response to clients' evolving needs, we have also built a number of standalone divisions – spanning talent, entertainment, experiential, content production and social. Each are led by industry experts, enabling our clients to understand and navigate every facet of popular culture.

Thanks to the tremendous changes driven by technology and evolving consumer behaviour there has never been a better time for brands to be innovative, entrepreneurial and open to new models.

We are proud to work with bold clients and partners who share this point of view.

A room full of optimists,
with unreasonable ambition,
on a mission to create transformative work,
is a powerful thing indeed.

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United Kingdom

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